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About R2R Electric

R2R Electric was founded by Chris Vincent in 2019, out of a love for vintage guitars, amplifiers, and effects.  Salvaging vintage vacuum tubes found in audio gear from the 1950's & 1960's, Chris amassed a large personal collection of resistors, capacitors, and other electronic components. In a chance meeting while restoring an Echoplex EP-1, Chris met Tucker Krishock who had his own pedal company called Lamp Electric.  A prototype Rangemaster was built with a combination of Chris' components and Tucker's pedal-building knowledge.  The first time the Treble Booster was clicked on, the two were hooked!  Tucker convinced Chris to start building more of the Treble Boosters, and Reel to Reel Effects was born.  


Unfortunately, that company was never able to get off the ground, and, tragically, Tucker has since passed away. But, Chris continued on with a new name. In honor of his friend, Chris combined the shorthand for reel to reel, "R2R," and "Electric," from the name Lamp Electric, to create his own brand: R2R Electric.  


The goal was originally to take apart individual donor machines for parts and create an effects pedal from solely those components. As time went on, and after many, many tests, the new direction of R2R Electric took shape: using salvaged or NOS (new old stock) components from the 50's & 60's to create hand-wired point-to-point effects with circuits designed in that same era.  


The Treble Booster, which is a Dallas Rangemaster circuit, is the first effect that R2R built, and it's signature effect, so far.  Each Treble Booster is built with iconic components, not from the original units, but from a variety of highly coveted vintage gear.  Each pedal or amp top starts with selecting the right options of transistor, potentiometer, and input capacitors to optimize the tone.  Each effect that is built maintains the overall aesthetic and tone that R2R Electric is known for, but accomplishes it in a slightly different way. This highly-curated process makes every unit distinct and unique.  No two R2R effects are identical, but they all have the same tone and vibe that has gained the attention of many of today's hottest players and collectors.


The standard that helps to set R2R Electric's strict quality is also the motto of the company:

"I only sell products that I would be excited to buy for myself."


Every pedal that ships from R2R Electric has been tested many times during the manufacturing process for quality in build and sound.  If it doesn't live up to our standards, it goes back into the queue to be reworked, until it is just right.


Known as @djlavalamp on Instagram, R2R Electric has built a loyal following of like-minded musicians who are looking for that special piece of gear that inspires new ways to create.  Join us as we take this journey to discover new sounds and classic tones, using some of the most iconic parts and circuits in electric guitar history!

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