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Vintage Wah

The Vintage Wah is a faithful reproduction of the classic "Clyde McCoy" wah pedals of the late 1960's.  Using NOS and recycled vintage components each part is carefully matched to each individual unit for the optimum tone and performance.

These units are comprised of two pedals - Expression Controller & Head Unit.

The Head Unit contains the circuitry and uses an NOS 1970's CTS potentiometer which controls the sweep of the wah.  When the toggle switch is the down position the sweep is controlled by the Head Unit and acts as a "cocked wah / set sweep" for classic cocked wah effects like the guitar tone in "Money For Nothing".  It works great as a filter for your guitar tone.


The Expression Control also uses a NOS 1970's Centralab potentiometer that allows you to use the pedal as a standard wah-wah when the toggle switch is in the up position.  

Each unit is loaded with a variety of vintage components, so each wah is unique in the parts used, yet the ultimate tone is carefully tested for consistency.  So no matter what combination of parts are used in the pedal, they all have passed the tone tests and are verified for equal sound.


These units will contain the following components - 


Handwound Halo Inductor

NOS BC109, BC209, BC549 or similar transistors


NOS 1978/9 CTS 100k potentiometer (Head Unit)

NOS 1973 Centralab 100k potentiometer (Expression Controller)


1950-1970's .01uf  paper in oil capacitors


NOS green Arco or Mullard Tropical Fish .22uf capacitors


Philips or Sprague 4.7 electrolytic capacitors


1962 Philips / Piher carbon film resistors


True Bypass Footswitch

These units are built to the original vintage specs, so they do not work well with vintage style germanium Fuzz Face pedals after them.  There is an adapter kit made by FoxRox called the "FoxRox Wah Retrofit" this can be wired in to add a buffer circuit to the wah which will then allow you to run a germanium fuzz after the wah unit.  Running a silicon Fuzz Face works just fine or a germanium fuzz before the wah unit works as well.   This is just part of the circuit design and I always stay as true to the original circuit as possible with my pedals.

FoxRox Retrofit - add $50

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